Vendors   At this time the vendor space has been filled. However, we do have a standby form if you would like to be put on our waiting list. To fill out and submit the form click on the link below. Vendor Standby Form Also see UNLOADING, SETUP AND TEARDOWN OF MODULES, EXHIBITS AND VENDOR SPACE If you have any questions please contact Jeff Smith or Lloyd Lehrer at: California Room International Ball Room Updated August 20, 2013  UNLOADING, SETUP AND TEARDOWN OF MODULES, EXHIBITS AND VENDOR SPACE Unloading can be accomplished in two areas; at the front of the hotel for oversized vehicles and in the parking structure second level for vehicles under 6'6". For the front of the hotel there are both main door entrances and a glass door directly to the North (left as you face the front entrance) into the San Gabriel Patio and then into the modular layout rooms.  You may park to unload in the space next to the street just north of the front entrance which is next to the ramp down to valet parking.  You cannot leave your vehicle unattended and there is only space for two regular vehicles or one oversized vehicle at a time.  You may unload and we will provide security for your equipment while you immediately move your vehicle to appropriate parking in the structure or the oversize vehicle lot. This entrance will be most convenient for modular layout equipment going into the display rooms; the San Gabriel room and the San Marino room.The second level of the parking structure is available to those vehicles under 6'6" and can handle several vehicles at once.  On the second floor parking level at the south end of the structure is a direct entrance to the International Ballroom (tables numbered 100 thru 220 and 400-420), which is the larger of the vendor rooms and there is also a moderate ramp directly into the central area known as the Skylight Arcade with access to both the California Room (tables numbered 300-350) which is the smaller of the vendor rooms on the North side of the entry, and the International Ballroom on the south side of the entry. Unloading time is Wednesday 8am to 5pm. Breakdown and loading time is Saturday noon to 4pm. Questions should be addressed to or as appropriate.                                                                   VENDOR OVERSIZE VEHICLE PARKING Vendor oversize vehicle parking has been arranged at the Ameron Center Building : 380 Cordova Street Pasadena, CA 91101 Map to oversize parking lot (Parking in back of building- entrance on either Los Robles or Del Mar Blvd's) Fee for parking will be $25/day /space needed.  And is not for vehicles that can park in space under 6'6" high. If you wish to use this option, you must contact Lloyd Lehrer by email at  to reserve a space. Back to top of page Vendor Name                                               Space #                               Website URL 34th NNGC Kansas City, MO, 9/3-6/2014                F 3                              35th NNGC Houston,TX  9/2-5/2015                F 1                              36th NNGC Augusta, ME,  9/7-10/2016        F 4                              Accucraft Trains                       C 2                              Alpine Division Scale Models LLC                I 59                              American Heritage Railway                C 4                              Anvil Mountain Models/McKenzie Iron & Steel        I 23                              Archer Fine Transfers                       I 29                              Bachmann Trains                       I 53                              Banta Modelworks                       I 26                              BB Trains                               I  2                              BOHICA Ent                       I 35                                       none Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains                I 11                              BOSCO FIGURES                       C 7.1                              Bragdon Enterprises                       I 43                              Branching Out Model Trees                C 14                                       none Built-Rite Model                       C 10                              Caboose Stop Hobbies               I 33                              Cache Creek Scale Models                       I  8                              Carstens Publication                       I 19                              Cimarron Works                       I 13                              Clover House                       C 3                              Coker Railroad Art                       C 19                              Coronado Scale Models                I 7                                       none Crystal River Products                C 15                              Darryl Huffman                       I 1                              Daylight Sales                       I 34                              Denver South Park & Pacific Historical Society        I 45                              Downtown Deco                       I 4                              Electric/Steam Modelworks                C 26                              Fast Tracks Hobbyworks Inc.                C 18                              Foothill Model Works                       C 12                              Friends of 169                       I 24                              Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR        I 36                                                    I 40                              Fun & Games/Missouri Locomotive Co        I 52                               George Brancacio                       I 58                                       none Glacier Park Models                       I 61                              Grandtline Products                       I 6                              Grizzly Mountain Engineering               C 8                              Heritage Art Editions, Inc.                       F 6                              Hartford Products Inc                I 9                              Herb Deeks Models                       C 21                                       none Inter-Action Enterprises               C 17                              Ironhorse Gallery                       I 51                              John Hamilton                       I 42                                       none McKenzie Brothers Timber Co.               I 63                              Micro Engineering                       I 46                              Model Railroad Hobbyist                       C 24                              Monster Modelworks                       I 12                              Motrak Models                                                       C 11                                       none Mt. Albert Scale Lumber Co.                I 30                              Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette        I 20                              NMRA                       F 2                              Old Armchair Amateur               I 57                                       none Orange Empire Museum                       I 47                              P-B-L                       I 62                              Phil's Narrow Gauge                       I 10                              Precision Vintage Classics                       I 37                                       none R/Robb LTD                       I 5                                       none Railmaster hobbies, Inc.               F 5                              Railroad Avenue Models                       I 54                              Railway Baron                       I 22                                       none Railway Design Associates                       I 25                              Railway Models                       C 7.2                              Red Cliff Miniatures                        C 23                              RGSRR Hobbies                       I 48                              Rick's Grande Narrow Gauge Car Shop        C 1                                       none Rio Grande Models                       I 60                              Rocky Mountain Trains               I 32                              RSlaserkits                       C 13                              Rusty Rail                               C 16                              S. P. Narrow Gauge Historical Society        C 25                              Salida Roundhouse/Loco Doc                C 9                             , San Juan Car Company Inc                I 56                              SEARAILS PowerMax! Models                                  I 27                               Shourt Line by Soft Works Ltd                I 28                              Sidetrack Scale Models                I 41                              SoundTraxx / Blackstone Models                C 5                              SP Historical & Technical Society                C 22                              Star Hobby                       I  3                              Stoney Creek Designs                I 31                              Tam Valley Depot                       I 39                              Tarheel Press                       I 18                              The Division Point                       I 44                              The Shay Fixer                       C 20                              Train Troll                               C 6                              Trout Creek Eng / Classic Miniatures                I 55                               Waverly Junction                       I 38                              Western Scale Models                                            I 14                              Wheelhorse Press                                                  I 15                                        none Wild West Scale Model Builders                I 21                              Wolf Designs                       I 17                                       none Vendor Room PDF drawings: California Ball Room International Ball Room      Vendors, Manufacturers and Exhibitors Currently Scheduled to be at 33rdNNGC in Pasadena