Trips/Tours Railroads played an important role in the development of Southern California and because of that there has been a big interest in railroad preservation here. Thanks to the foresight of some railroad enthusiasts there are a good variety of things to see and do that feature full size railroad equipment. For the 2013 Narrow Gauge Modelers Convention some fantastic tours have been planned, including:                              Disneyland - The “Happiest Place on Earth” is host to a narrow gauge railroad that                                    encircles the park, there are four steam locomotives used in the operation and one more currently                                    undergoing restoration. The first two were built specifically for the park, however the additional                                           three locomotives were working narrow gauge locomotives restored by Walt Disney and his team.                                    The rolling stock was built with handling a large amount of visitors in mind, but there is also a                                    caboose that is always attached to one of the “freight” trains as well as the private car “Lilly Belle”                                    that is often run. This is a bus tour only that departs at 5:30 am and returns at 12:30 pm Thursday                                    August 29th. and Friday August 30th. There is no lunch option with this tour.                           Photo by Dustin Nguyen                                                                           Knotts Berry Farm - This famous attraction is home to Denver and Rio Grande Western C-19                                            number 340 and Rio Grande Southern C-19 number 41. The rolling stock consists of beautifully                                            restored D&RGW closed vestibule coaches, a few “tourist” cars for those who prefer an open                                            air ride, RGS short caboose number 0402, RGS business car “Edna” and the parlor car Durango.                                            Rounding out the collection is RGS Galloping Goose number 3. This not to be missed tour                                            includes a train ride specifically for convention guests and a shop tour. The staff of the                                            Calico and Ghost Town Railroad are very knowledgeable about Colorado narrow gauge history,                                            especially regarding the equipment at the park and are happy to show off the collection.                                            This is a bus tour only that departs at 5:30 am and returns at 11:30 am Thursday August 29th.                                            and Friday August 30th. There is no lunch option with this tour.                                                                       Orange Empire Railway Museum - The largest railway museum in Southern California, OERM has an                                      extensive and varied collection of main line and traction equipment. Begun in 1956 as a means to                                      preserve examples of the quickly disappearing Pacific Electric “Big Red Cars” and narrow gauge                                      Los Angeles Railway trolleys. The collection has grown to include steam and diesel locomotives,                                      passenger cars, freight cars and cabooses. A fair amount of equipment is operational and there is a                                      dual gauge loop as well as about 2 miles of standard gauge main line, offering plenty of opportunity                                      to ride trolleys and trains. Narrow gauge fans will especially enjoy seeing the collection of equipment                                      donated to the museum by the late Disney animator Ward Kimball. Amongst the items on display are the 2-6-0 “Emma Nevada” (ex-Nevada Central “Sidney Dillon”) and former Carson and Colorado coach. Other narrow gauge items of interest include a few pieces of rolling stock from the Southern Pacific narrow gauge plus the D&RGW and a working replica of the Southern Pacific narrow gauge “Armstrong” Turn table at Laws, CA. There is a bus tour that departs at 12:30 pm and returns at 7:00 pm on Thursday August 29th. and Friday August 30th. with a lunch option. Saturday August 31st. is a self drive tour.                                                                                                                                                                                             Updated August 20, 2013                                                                                               Fillmore and Western Railway - Located in the picturesque Santa Clara River Valley the                                                vintage equipment found here will take you back to the heyday of railroading. The                                                                                                Fillmore and Western has been used for movies, television programs and commercials                                                but the heart and soul of the operation are the excursion trains that run each weekend.                                                Rolling through avocado and citrus groves at a leisurely pace there is plenty of time to                                                enjoy the train ride. The railroad has a very nice collection of EMD and ALCO diesel                                                locomotives and an operational steam locomotive. Rolling stock includes stream-                                                line and heavyweight passenger cars plus a variety of freight cars and a few cabooses.                                                This not to be missed activity includes a yard tour, train ride from Fillmore to Santa Paula                                                and back. This is a bus tour only that departs at 10:00 am Wednesday August 28th.                                                and returns at 4:00 pm with lunch included.                                                                                                                                                                                    No Substitutions on tour events Schedule for Trips and Tours: Trips and tours schedule (PDF) Trips and tours schedule (Excel)