Modular Layouts If you have any questions about modular layouts that will be on display please contact Dain Leese or Kevin Spady at: Updated August 20, 2013                                                                                                                                                For oversize vehicle parking information and loading and unloading information please refer to       UNLOADING, SETUP AND TEARDOWN OF MODULES, EXHIBITS AND VENDOR SPACE                Thank you.       2013 Narrow Gauge Modular Team Link to Modular room diagram Modular room layout drawing.jpg San Gabriel Room California South Coast Modular Group              On30 California Central Coast Modular Group            On30 California Central Valley Modular Group            On30 PNW                                                                   On30 Texas Outlaws                                                    On30 Florida  Renegades                                            On30                            San Marino Room North Coast Narrow Gauge                                HOn3 Hallway Display Locations: West Side Buffalo Landing, Burton Maxwell       HOn3 Borracho Springs Railroad, Victor Smith      G Modular layouts that will be on display at the    33rd National Narrow Gauge Convention