Updated August 20, 2013 Fun Stuff Details Tehachapi - The shared Union Pacific and BNSF line from Mojave to Bakersfield is one   of the most spectacular places to see mainline railroading in action. Due to instances   of theft from standing trains there are many No Trespassing signs posted near the right of way and it is patrolled, however there are still plenty of places on public property   that are right next to the rails and are excellent for photography. Amongst the landmarks  of this area are the famous Tehachapi loop, where in many cases trains will cross over   themselves and the cement plant at Monolith. The town of Tehachapi has a very nice   hobby shop, Trains Etc. and the depot houses a local history museum that is well worth a visit. Tehachapi is approximately 138 miles from Pasadena.  Cajon Pass - The busiest rail line in Southern California, Cajon Pass encompasses the territory from San Bernardino to Barstow and if you want to see a constant parade of trains then this is the place to go. Some of the prime train watching spots are easily accessible from roads and others are a bit off the beaten path. When visiting Cajon Pass it is a good idea to have a decent map of the area and bringing a GPS along wouldn’t hurt. Some of the highlights that can be found are the depot at San Bernardino, the Southwest Portland Cement Company plant outside of Victorville and the scenic Blue Cut. Those who journey all the way to Barstow will be treated to the restored depot and Harvey House, which is open to the public and the Western American Rail- road Museum, which includes a good collection of railroadania as well as vintage locomotives, cabooses, freight and passenger cars. San Bernardino is approximately 53 miles from Pasadena and Barstow is approximately 113 miles from Pasadena. San Timoteo Canyon - The town of Beaumont marks the begining of the canyon so it is also referred to as Beaumont Hill and is one of Union Pacific’s busiest main lines. Connecting the port of Los Angeles to Texas, Louisiana and points east ensures plenty of railroad traffic. One of the nice things about this location is the proximity of San Timoteo Canyon road to long stretches of the rail line, making goodtrain pacing possible.  The main route to San Timoteo Canyon is Interstate 10, which will take you past the huge Union Pacific classification yard at West Colton. You can also continue east from San Timoteo canyon and find good train watching spots around Cabazon and West Palm Springs. San Timoteo Canyon is approximately 77 miles from Pasadena.                                                 Travel Town - Located in Griffith Park this unique museum is host to historic                                                 locomotives and rolling stock that all had to be brought in by truck.                                                  Opened in 1952, Travel Town was intended to give people the chance to get                                                  close to railroad equipment and see how these machines worked. Although                                                  souvenier hunters and vandals have stripped the locomotives of gauges and                                                   valve handles over the years, the park has taken steps over the past 15 years                                                  or so to take better care of the cosmetic appearence of the collection. There                                                   are a number of restoration projects going on and even a couple of diesel                                                   locomotives that are in operating condition. Travel Town is approximately                                                  14 miles from Pasadena. http://traveltown.org/    Los Angeles Live Steamers -  Located right next to Travel Town, this could   probably be considered the ultimate model railroad layout. These trains are   1 & 1/2 inch scale (7 & 1/2 inches between the rails) and with a mile and a   half of main line there is plenty of time to enjoy the train ride. Disney fans   will be interested in seeing the actual barn that Walt Disney had on his   property in Holmby Hills. It was his work shop and where he ran the switches   for his 1 & 1/2 inch scale home layout. The barn now houses a wonderful   collection of Disney memorabilia and equipment from his model railroad. Los   Angeles Live Steamers is open to the public every Sunday from 10:45 AM to   3 PM, the Disney Barn is open to the public every third Sunday.   http://www.lals.org/                                                  Fillmore and Western Railway - Located in the picturesque Santa Clara River Valley the                                                vintage equipment found here will take you back to the heyday of railroading. The                                                                                                Fillmore and Western has been used for movies, television programs and commercials                                                but the heart and soul of the operation are the excursion trains that run each weekend.                                                Rolling through avocado and citrus groves at a leisurely pace there is plenty of time to                                                enjoy the train ride. The railroad has a very nice collection of EMD and ALCO diesel                                                locomotives and an operational steam locomotives. Rolling stock includes stream-                                                line and heavyweight passenger cars plus a variety of freight cars and a few cabooses.                                                http://www.fwry.com/                                                Norton Simon Museum - One of the largest private art collections in the world, this museum features works from such masters as Degas, Cezanne, Gauguine and Van Gogh, amongst many others. A fascinating collection of European and Asian art await those who come here and the way in which displayed will please the senses. There are also beautiful gardens to wander through and a cafe where you can satisfy one of the most important senses of all, taste. The Norton Simon Museumis located in Pasadena and is approximately 1.32 miles from the Pasadena Hilton hotel. http://www.nortonsimon.org/ Old Town Pasadena - Featuring an eclectic selection of shops, cafes and restaurants this section of town is well worth investigating. Most of the buildings have been here since the turn of the century and are very well kept up.  Whether you just want to browse or are looking for something very unique to bring home with you this is the place to go. The food selection is equally impressive no matter if it is a quick snack or a fine meal you have in mind. Old Town Pasadena is approximately 3/4 mile from the Pasadena Hilton Hotel. For information about all of the things to see and do in Old Town please visit: http://www.oldpasadena.org/ Pacific Southwest Railway Museum  - The PSRMA is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of railroads as they existed in the Pacific Southwest.  The museum is located at Campo off of Highway 8 about an hour east of San Diego.  The museum has active weekend excursions including a one hour excursion through the back country of San Diego County traveling the right of way of the historic San Diego & Arizona Railway with vintage equipment.  A guided walking tour of the Museum's restoration area is included at the completion of the excursion. See and inspect steam and Diesel locomotives, freight equipment, passenger cars, cabooses and even a Railway Post Office car. Some of the equipment is in the process of  restoration by the Museum's volunteers. Note that the museum is not open on the weekdays. http://www.sdrm.org/ San Diego Model Railroad Museum - At 27,000 sq. ft., the museum is one the largest indoor model railroad displays in the world and the only accredited railroad themed museum in the USA.  The museums displays are the responsibility of 4 membership clubs who are responsible for all construction and maintenance.  Displays include Tehachapi Pass and San Diego and Arizona Eastern HO scale exhibits, Pacific Desert Lines N scale exhibit,  Cabrillo Southwestern O scale exhibit and a Toy Train Gallery of Lionel and Brio layouts.  The museum has an extensive reference collection of books, magazines and photographs related to both prototype and model railroading, as well as a significant collection of railroad timetables and promotional materials. http://www.sdmrm.org/ California Oil Museum - From fossils to fill 'er up, the California Oil Museum tells the story of the black bonanza that created wealth, work, and prosperity for generations of Californians. Operated by the City of Santa Paula Community Services Department, the Museum highlights the inner workings of the state's black gold industry through interactive displays, videos, working models, games, photographs, restored gas station memorabilia, and an authentic turn-of-the-century cable-tool drilling rig. Visitors can exercise their wits and luck as California wildcatters, see how the Indians used natural oil seeps, watch a miniature drilling rig bore into the earth, and explore the memorable brands of gas bought by early California c ar drivers. The Lundgren and Bennett Collections of gas station memorabilia are one of the largest displays of vintage gas pumps in California. In addition to the permanent petroleum exhibits, the Museum presents new exhibits of science, transportation, history, and art throughout the year. Lundgren Park is located on the Museum grounds and is available for  picnics. http://www.oilmuseum.net/index.htm