Contests   If you have any questions about the contests that will be held please contact Bill Beverly at: Model & Photo Contest Categories & Awards Best Of Show plus 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place awards will be given for the following categories: Rod Loco - a steam powered locomotive with side rods. Geared Loco - a steam powered, gear driven locomotive, e.g. Shay, Heisler, Climax, Willamette, etc. Motive Power/Internal Combustion - Any motorized locomotive or vehicle that runs on RR track. Freight Car - although there is no limit on number of entries, each car entrant will be judged separately. Caboose - A car used as a train crew’s office or shelter.  Passenger Car - May also be a combine or RPO. Logging Rail Equipment - Any non-engine rolling stock unique to the logging industry (i.e., camp cars, disconnects, water cars, cabooses, rail wheeled logging devices, etc.). Special Equipment - Equipment not rail wheeled (i.e., donkeys, logging trucks, skidding equipment, loaders, tractors, etc.). Maintenance-Of-Way - Rail wheeled piece of equipment. (Not special equipment). Favorite Train - A train of undetermined length, including at least one motive power unit and something the power unit is pushing or pulling. The train may be displayed on a NON-scenic length of track. Structure - any free-standing unit in which all parts shown are an integral part of the structure, with minimal scenery ONLY necessary to support the structure allowed. All entries not adhering to this requirement will be categorized as a diorama. Diorama - A structure or collection of structures not necessarily related to one another, with scenery. The size of the diorama will be restricted to 18 x 30 inches.  Automation – Not a category but a special award will be presented for a model that incorporates lighting,  motion or sound (i.e., a structure lighted with LEDs, a motorized figure that moves, a model that uses  sound in a unique way) Note: Since outlet power is not guaranteed, the model is encouraged to provide  its own power." Youth Award - Age 18 or Younger (First Place Only). Non-Voting Table - A table will be set up for those who wish to display their item in a non-voting environment. (No trophy will be awarded). Photo Category - Entries in more than one category are allowed, but only one (1) photo per category will be accepted. The photo must have been taken by the contestant and must be of a railroad related subject. Photoshop enhancement is permitted, such as adding smoke or color correction. The photo may not be larger than 12 inches on the longest side. No frames or glass cover will be permitted. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place awards for the following categories: B&W Model B&W Prototype Color Model Color Prototype Click on the links below to open the contest application and information forms. they can then be printed, filled out and submitted with your entry. Contest Application Form Model Contest Information Form Photo Contest Information Form  Updated August 20, 2013 The following are contest categories for the convention.  All contest submittals must be accompanied by an application at the time models/pictures are submitted to the contest.  No applications will be accepted in advance. Modular Award  Reservations must be made and space allocated before bringing a Module (First Place Only).